Friday, March 19, 2004

The last week has summed up the craziness of the English weather. Last Thursday, heavy snow was falling and it was cold enough to prompt some visitors from Norway (yes up on the edge of the Arctic circle, Norway) that our friend Mark had, to complain about the coldness of the English weather. By Tuesday it was glorious sunshine, people eating outside and wearing shorts. Then this morning, it was absolutely throwing down the rain in the midst of gale force winds, talk about contrasts!

I have to say that I love these variations in climate, although it can cause great frustration and annoyance, when it rains at just the wrong moment, it really makes us enjoy the good weather when it comes. I well remember returning to England from a trip to Australia years ago, and the delight of waking up to a fantastic glistening frost of a December morning. It really made me glad to be home.


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