Friday, March 05, 2004

So we spent last night in the company of those rock and roll casualties The Libertines at the Colston Hall. When I say that we spent it with them, what I really mean to say that we shared a room with them and about 2000 others. Given their recent rather troublesome drug problems the band were kept well away from the bright lights of central Bristol. Normally security is used to stop people without tickets getting in, or to stop people getting backstage. I was told yesterday, a healthy amount of the security was purely concentrating on keeping the band IN the venue and out of harms way, with personal minders for Carl and Pete to ensure that they stayed in place!

So what about the actual gig? Well it was brilliant. The level of expectation when the band took to the stage was very high and the band responded with a blistering set. Loads of new songs plus all the gems off the album, all delivered with a swagger that only a band that know that they can leave the opposition standing can muster. At on point Pete through his guitar deep into the crowd, a potentially life threatening act, which luckily only resulted in one fan holding onto a rather special souvenir for the rest of the evening.

If they can stay (get?) healthy and keep out of jail, they could turn into the best singles band since The Buzzcocks or The Clash.


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