Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Well it had to happen, City lost on Saturday and then only managed a disappointing draw at home to bottom of the table Wycombe last night. Still promotion is still in our hands as we head into the final phase of the season.

I?ve really been enjoying the forthcoming album Seven Swans by Sufjan Stevens recently. It's a deceptively simple, plaintive album from a guy who came to our attention thanks to the excellent Michigan album last year. I and the rest of the guys in the shop have also been pushing a fantastic country/blues album by Charlie Parr called Criminal and Sinners which is full of brilliant gritty songs. The forthcoming Future Pilot AKA album ? Salute Your Soul, provides another strange but rather confusing listen. A wild mixture of styles, which sounds more like a mix tape then any album, I have heard for quite a while. Bonkers!

It was nice to see a couple of old friends in the shop today, Pete who had made the journey up to Bristol for the Brian Wilson gig last night, it sounds like it was quite a show, which is good news as the tickets cost £50! Then later in the day, Bo came into the shop and made me (and Orynthia) very jealous, when she told me that Mr P and her are now owners of the kitsch classic car ? a Nissan Figaro! We want one as well!!!


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