Monday, February 17, 2003

Bit of a lively start to the day this morning. I arrived at Redland station at about 7:40 this morning, in readiness for the 7:45 train. The person in front of me had just pressed the information button, which cheerfully told us that the train would be 32 minutes late! Rather than wait in the freezing conditions most of us walked out of the station to the bus stop approx 150 yards away. After waiting for about 5 minutes we suddenly noticed that the train was heading into the station. Several of us decided to use this as our trial run for the British Olympic squad, and set off at full tilt. Despite the tricky nature of the track, a couple of hairpin turns included, about 4 of us managed to jump on the train before it pulled away. Cue much puffing and panting and we congratulated ourselves on our fleetness of foot. The Monday night football must be paying off.

Shocked but delighted to see that Massive Attack are at number 1 in the UK album charts. Must be the first time that a band from Bristol has ever managed to do this. I was chatting to a friend of mine who is a teacher on Friday evening. He subject is history and he was telling me about the fact that he often uses music in his class, either to illustrate a point or just to set a mood. He is convinced that Massive Attack have hit upon some sort of back to the womb heartbeat rhythm, as they are only band that can settle all the kids down. Once again with Massive Attack, the 1st play reveals very little, but the more you play it, the further you get dragged into the edgy, paranoid world which they inhabit. The mundane becomes soothing and then the changes suddenly become much more defined and noticeable then you would ever had imagined on 1st hearing.


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