Friday, February 14, 2003

So whilst we were at the hospital last night we met up with Orynthia's cousin Petunia. The original plan was to go to the home of wonderful cheap, south east Asian food Sawadee's afterwards. However Petunia was needed in work, luckily for us she works at the splendid Riverstation. So the three of nipped across the river and Petunia feed us all manner of captivating foods from the downstairs deli bar which she helps to run. We worked our way through a vast array of delights whilst Petunia worked and chatted. We agreed that although the health problems besetting the family are quite traumatic, the positive thing is the way that it has brought the family together. Anyone that knows us, will be aware that we never pass up the chance of some nice food. This certainly was yum.

Talking of family tomorrow we are heading down to Devon to see my dad and step mum. Orynthia remembered that we have an adapter so that we can play CD's through our cassette player in the car. We seldom go on long journeys, so we tend to forget that we have it. The only tricky thing is working what to tack with us!

So tonight we have the first of little run of gigs to go to, Teenage Fanclub at the Anson rooms. Then over the next few weeks, we are going to see Beth Gibbons (of Portishead fame), The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Richard Hawley and then Radio 4.

I'm currently reading the excellent book that Shane Macgowan and his partner Victoria Mary Clarke put out a few years ago. Shane is such an amazing character, so intelligent and yet so destructive. Full of contradictions and brutally honest, it's gives a fascinating insight of his early life in Ireland, the early punk years in London and the rise and subsequent decline of the Pogues. My memories of the early Pogues gigs are still great memories, however I also remember how awful they were the last time that I saw them. Shane could barley stand, let alone sing. I'm constantly surprised (but delighted) that he is still alive.


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