Friday, February 21, 2003

Just found out that we are going to see THIS tonight. Should be interesting. I've never seen the film even though I'm a big fan of Hitchcock. Tomorrow, we have nothing to do and all day to it. I've got a feeling that we may end up trawling through the 2nd hand shops on Gloucester Road looking for clothes, books and records.

On Sunday, the Monday night footballers that I play with are taking part in a 5 a side competition. I guess that I'm one of the worst players in our happy band, so I may only see partial action. Suits me really as we are going to see Beth Gibbons in the evening, so I don't really welcome the prospect of running around like a mad man all afternoon. We don't really know anything about the teams that we will be playing against, so really have no idea if we will be run into the ground by super fit young gods or then again it could be a stroll in the park. Please, please let it be the later option!


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