Saturday, February 01, 2003

So, as I write this, we should be enjoying our first visit to the south of France. Well, our flight got cancelled, but only after we had left for the airport! Which was a tad annoying as they must have known several hours earlier. We checked the websites and called the help lines which all indicated that the flight was still on. So here we are back home instead! We are booked on the flight for tomorrow evening, will the plane turn up who knows? Certainly not those nice people at Easyjet. They really did not have a clue about what was going on today. Not much we could do, so we just came home and watched a mad old Orson Wells film called Journey into Evil, eating Pizza followed by cheesecake, all washed down with some fine Champagne. Life could be worse. Think of those poor people on the Columbia space shuttle and their families.

Lets see what tomorrow brings!


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