Sunday, February 16, 2003

Of course Teenage Fanclub were just great on Friday night. Very social evening, lots of our friends were out including my 15 year old nephew Craig, Who seemed to enjoy himself. Strange to think that the band has been around for longer than he has been alive. Makes you feel pretty old!
We had a very pleasant day in Sunny (but nippy) Devon yesterday. Had lunch in Honiton, which really does seem to be a thriving market town. Lots of interesting antique shops, great food shops and more café’s than you can imagine. Forget Paris or Vienna being the home of café society – Honiton is the place. They just need to get a few more writers and artists in town and who knows what could happen?

So it looks as though Orynthia’s dad is going to be confined to a wheelchair when he comes out of hospital (which won’t be for another month at least). Obviously this is sad news, but it comes as no real surprise. At least everyone can start planning for the future, which will probably include Orynthia’s parents moving to a house with better wheelchair access. Obviously, this is going to involve quite a lot of work for the whole family, so it looks as though it will be wise to put our Australia trip on hold for this year. It’s a shame as it would be really great to catch up with all the family down under (even though they would throw heaps of abuse at me for the recent sporting humiliation’s that the Aussies have inflicted on England this year, or any recent year come to think of it!) but we can always go next year. Hey we still have Paris in the spring and what could be better than that?


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