Monday, February 10, 2003

It must have been the sunny weather, yesterday we had a mad blast of spring cleaning! Most unlike us, as any of you that know us will testify. We well remember the famous occasion when we ere playing some sort of word association game with Orynthia’s sister, Crescentia. I can’t remember what word we were trying to get her to say, but the clue was something like “you’ll find lots of this in Tom & Orynthia’s house”. I guess we were hoping for music or books or food, but no. As quick as a flash, she answered with the word DUST! We aren’t really that bad, we do what we need to do, but we are certainly not slaves to the house. Anyway, I always think that the key to this sort of work is to find the right sort of music to listen to whilst getting busy with the sponge and duster. As I set about our kitchen units with some gusto, I was helped on my way by the last 2 CD’s from the splendid Teenage Fanclub. Firstly Howdy and then Songs from Northern Britain helped me cut a swathe through the grime. Better still the Fanclub are in town on Friday. We will be there along with a pretty healthy percentage of our friends.

In the afternoon, we popped into to see Orynthia’s dad in hospital before heading over the river to Severnshed for a farewell drink with Janneke before she heads back home to Holland.

Just picked up a few CD’s on my home from work. Bought a couple of things that I don’t know too much about. “Kill The Moonlight” by Spoon and “Oh Inverted World” by The Shins. Also picked up “100th Window” by local lads Massive Attack. Only had a chance to play The Shins CD so far, and on first hearing it sound quite interesting, in a fairly gentle laid back sort of way.

Off to play football tonight. Looking forward to it after missing out last week as we were in Nice. Mind you being in a splendid city in the south of France, for our wedding anniversary with my lovely wife, can hardly be described as missing out. Tomorrow night it’s back to Ashton Gate for the BCFC’s latest attempt to stop the slump that 2003 has thrust us into. Saturday’s performance against Colchester was truly inept. Come on lads – even if we can’t win, at least entertain us a bit.


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